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WO-2007075120-A1: Method for producing a stable aqueous solution of a product containing active substances and a product (variants) patent, WO-2007077349-A3: Method, appliances and computer programme for the management of flows between appliances of a telecommunications network using the sip protocol patent, WO-2007078431-A3: Method and system for authorising returns patent, WO-2007087385-A2: Imaging system and method including multiple, sequentially exposed image sensors patent, WO-2007090872-A2: Antibodies against secreted fri zzled related protein-4 (sfrp-4 ) patent, WO-2007090946-A1: Ferromagnetic semiconductor, method for the production thereof, components incorporating the same, and corresponding uses of said semiconductor patent, WO-2007092297-A3: Safety mechanism for holiday detector patent, WO-2007098205-A2: Cocoa products and methods of treating cardiovascular conditions with sugar-free cocoa patent, WO-2007099402-A3: New 3’-, 7-substituted indirubins and their applications patent, WO-2007106492-A3: Device with precise tip-tilt adjustment patent, WO-2007124583-A1: An automatic pizza shaping conveyor device and method patent, WO-2007129088-A1: Carbon nanotube enhanced magnets patent, WO-2007137142-A3: System and method for authorizing access to a uma network based on access point identifier patent, WO-2007139783-A3: Faceplate adapter for mounting a traditional-style load control device with a designer-style faceplate patent, WO-2007146196-A2: Bismuth-zinc-mercury amalgam, fluorescent lamps, and related methods patent, WO-2007147843-A2: Reversibly thermochromic compositions patent, WO-2008001642-A1: Pointer measuring instrument patent, WO-2008004024-A1: Stream current song patent, WO-2008009365-A3: A method for determining the methylation rate of a nucleic acid patent, WO-2008023701-A1: Method for heat-treating silicon wafer patent, WO-2008028185-A2: Vacuum turntable system for leak testing melt blown bottles patent, WO-2008030364-A2: Solar cell with antireflective coating comprising metal fluoride and/or silica and method of making same patent, WO-2008035323-A2: A spinal relaxation apparatus patent, WO-2008041230-A1: Thulium-based capsule and devices for use in high dose rate brachytherapy patent, WO-2008051916-A3: Improved preconditioner having independently driven high-speed mixer shafts patent, WO-2008063246-A3: Weapon mount patent, WO-2008074230-A1: Interferon alpha mutant and its polyethylene glycol derivative patent, WO-2008100684-A3: System and method of facilitating navigation of vessels in specific water environments patent, WO-2008103376-A1: Dynamic stabilization connecting member with molded inner segment and surrounding external elastomer patent, WO-2008106278-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling a homogeneous charge compression ignition engine patent, WO-2008110865-A1: Navigation spots on a web page patent, WO-2008118712-A1: Coacervation process patent, WO-2008122910-A1: Method and system for providing an exercise goal patent, WO-2008147891-A1: Structural health monitoring (shm) transducer assembly and system patent, WO-2008148972-A2: Reaction medium for identifying/detecting micro-organisms patent, WO-2009001266-A2: Acoustic offset for transducer patent, WO-2009004596-A3: Armour arrangement patent, WO-2009022748-A1: Method and system for control of discontinuous reception (drx) by a mobile device in a wireless communications network patent, WO-2009053542-A1: Optoelectronic sub-assembly and method for assembling said sub-assembly patent, WO-2009058961-A2: Method of improving fuel tank safety patent, WO-2009063201-A3: Vessel cap, vessel assembly and methods for producing a cap patent, WO-2009071657-A1: Tricyclic triazolic compounds patent, WO-2009074784-A3: Restraint system for a seat belt device patent, WO-2009076613-A1: Pillow with concealed storage compartment patent, WO-2009090471-A1: Improved method for producing comb polymers by adding an antioxidant, resulting polymers and uses thereof patent, WO-2009111169-A3: Compositions comprising pkc-delta modulators and methods for ocular neuroprotection patent, WO-2009114604-A3: Techniques enabling dynamic bandwidth reservation in a wireless personal area network patent, WO-2009115137-A1: Method for making a pivoting ratchet for the lock of an automobile door leaf, pivoting ratchet and corresponding lock patent, WO-2009116931-A1: Iron-chromium based brazing filler metal patent, WO-2009131861-A2: Media asset management patent, WO-2009140763-A1: Novel ghrelin analogues patent, WO-2009144672-A1: Sensor for determining humidity patent, WO-2009146083-A2: Pulse transformer driver patent, WO-2009151698-A1: Rapid assay for detecting ataxia-telangiectasia homozygotes and heterozygotes patent, WO-2010013112-A2: Chair and support element patent, WO-2010014191-A2: Web page serving architecture patent, WO-2010034990-A3: Program content recovery for multimedia devices and digital video recorder set-top boxes patent, WO-2010040922-A1: Vessel with a reinforced corrugated membrane patent, WO-2010046419-A3: Use of acetolactate synthase inhibitors on cultivated plants patent, WO-2010080091-A1: Method for using a captcha challenge to protect a removable mobile flash memory storage device patent, WO-2010093214-A3: Monoclonal antibody recognizing scye1 and use thereof patent, WO-2010096785-A1: Modular solar racking system patent, WO-2010101907-A1: Overhead power connector integrity assessment by application of thermal history detectors patent, WO-2010103190-A3: Plate heat exchanger and method for improving pressure resistance of a plate heat exchanger patent, WO-2010117615-A3: Sensor device with reduced parasitic-induced error patent, WO-2010132780-A3: System and method for agitation of multiple specimen containers patent, WO-2010150065-A1: Fiber reinforced resin, manufacturing method for fiber reinforced resin, and manufacturing system for fiber reinforced resin patent, WO-2011002786-A3: External electrical connectors for solar modules patent, WO-2011003094-A1: Mixer-transconductance interface with selectable mixer and tranconductance units patent, WO-2011008514-A2: Pluggable power cell for an inverter and providing modular power conversion patent, WO-2011059703-A1: Systems and methods for haptic augmentation of voice-to-text conversion patent, WO-2011062997-A2: Human monoclonal antibodies to human nucleolin patent, WO-2011079294-A1: Cluster-specific reference signals for communication systems with multiple transmission points patent, WO-2011084609-A1: Conversion of a discrete-time quantized signal into a continuous-time, continuously variable signal patent, WO-2011085138-A1: Inverting gate with maximized thermal noise in random number genertion patent, WO-2011096982-A1: A method of utilization of high dielectric constant (hdc) materials for reducing sar and enhancing snr in mri patent, WO-2011098785-A3: Method of forming an aerodynamic arrangement by joining of segments patent, WO-2011112911-A2: Poly(vinyl ester) block copolymers patent, WO-2011116134-A3: Fungal infection therapy with low level laser patent, WO-2011122922-A3: Long-acting human follicle-stimulating hormone formulation using immunoglobulin fragment patent, WO-2011130524-A1: Detecting secure or encrypted tunneling in a computer network patent, WO-2011139681-A1: Assays for anti-drug antibodies in the presence of abundant endogenous protein counterpart of the drug patent, WO-2011140525-A3: Methods and compositions related to a retinoid receptor-selective pathway patent, WO-2011153144-A1: Isobutanol production using yeasts with modified transporter expression patent, WO-2011162740-A1: Sound damping compositions and methods for application and use patent, WO-2012048163-A3: Automated analysis and mechanization of scheduling patent, WO-2012050796-A3: Tile communication operator patent, WO-2012052667-A3: Use of a membrane, and membrane patent, WO-2012054045-A1: Method of forming a nano-structure patent, WO-2012061495-A1: Piezo based inertia actuator for high definition haptic feedback patent, WO-2012071578-A3: Pharmacology bioassays for drug discovery, toxicity evaluation and in vitro cancer research using a 3d nano-cellulose scaffold and living tissue patent, WO-2012093076-A1: Cartridge holder for an injection device patent, WO-2012107813-A3: Positioning system patent, WO-2012129317-A3: Multi-component detachable jaw tools and methods of using and making same patent, WO-2012129340-A3: Rapid-connect coupler with vent-stop patent, WO-2012134287-A3: Method and device for cleaning printing rolls by a laser beam patent, WO-2012162599-A1: Method of verifying performance of an optical measurement instrument with a model eye and an optical measurement instrument employing such a method patent, WO-2012163652-A1: Control of digital voltage and frequency scaling operating points patent, WO-2012173504-A3: Method for synthesis of the substituted azetidinones and intermediates for their synthesis patent, WO-2013001075-A1: Matrix of pixels with programmable clusters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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