Sheet width regulating device


PURPOSE: To surely regulate sheet widths of various size sheets with simple constitution in a sheet width regulating device of a paper feeding device. CONSTITUTION: Mutually parallel racks 5 and 6 are integrally provided on a right and left pair of regulating plates 2 and 3 respectively, a gear 10 engaged with the racks 5 and 6 is rotatably provided on an shaft center 10a, and also a non-tooth part 6a is provided on rack teeth 9 formed on at least one side 6 of the racks 5 and 6. The inward movement of one side regulating plate 3 causes the width-reducing of both the regulating plates 2 and 3 with the rack 9, to regulate a sheet P in double widths by the middle standard. The further width-reducing of one side regulating plate 3 causes the width-reducing of only the one side regulating plate 3 over the width of the non-tooth part 6a of the rack 9, regulating the small size width of the sheet P by the left edge standard. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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