Image forming device


PURPOSE:To shorten the setting time of picture processing by switching the processing content during one original scanning sequentially and outputting various pictures onto transfer paper after the test mode implementing the picture processing such as void, shade, italic and white/black level inversion in a factory line is set once. CONSTITUTION:A picture signal of an original O read by a CCD 9 is converted into a digital data by an A/D converter and sent to a picture processing section 11 and the processed data is sent to a printer section 12 and the picture on transfer paper P is outputted. A scanner CPU 14 controls a stepping motor 13 to drive carriages 1,5 and gives various commands and timing signals to the processing section 11. A command from an operation section 15 is discriminated by a CPU 16 and the start of scanning and processing information of the picture are delivered to the CPU 14. An operation section 15 commands the processing function test mode at a factory and the picture subject to processing such as void, shade, italic, white/black level inversion is generated.




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