Negative type photosensitive composition


PURPOSE: To enable lithography with high resolving power in a short time by incorporating an alkali-soluble resin, a halogenated sulforan deriv. as an optical acid generating agent and a crosslinking agent for the alkali-soluble resin acting under acidic conditions and to enable lithography with high resolving power even by exposure with i- or g-rays by further incorporating a sensitizer. CONSTITUTION: The halogenated sulforan deriv. is represented by formula I, wherein each of R 1 -R 8 is H, lower alkyl such as methyl, ethyl or other ≤4C alkyl or halogen such as C 1 or I, one of R 1 -R 8 is halogen, two or more of R 1 -R 8 are preferably halogen from the viewpoint of sensitivity and each of R 1 -R 8 is preferably H or halogen. An especially pref. example of the halogenated sulforan deriv. is 2,3-dibromosulforan. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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