Connecting method for optical waveguide and optical fiber


PURPOSE: To provide the connecting method for an optical waveguide and an optical fiber by which the alignment of the optical waveguide and the optical fiber can be executed efficiently and with high precision. CONSTITUTION: This connecting method constitutes a characteristic feature of attaching an optical waveguide material onto an SiO 2 layer 11 formed on a silicon substrate 10, patterning this optical waveguide material and forming a waveguide circuit 13 and a marker 14 positioned at a prescribed distance from the waveguide circuit 13, manufacturing an optical waveguide 12 by attaching SiO 2 onto an area excluding the marker 14, manufacturing an optical fiber block by placing an optical fiber 23 on an optical fiber groove 21 of a base body on which plural optical fiber grooves 21 whose cross section is roughly a V-shape and a marker groove 22 whose cross section is roughly a V-shape are formed, and connecting the respective optical fibers 23 and waveguide circuits 13 by aligning the market of the optical waveguide 12 and the marker groove 22 of the optical fiber block. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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