Semiconductor device provided with schottky junction


PURPOSE: To obtain a semiconductor capable of operating at a high speed and possessing a rectifying function by a method wherein the semiconductor possesses a Schottky junction composed of a metal electrode and a semiconductor region, and the electrode concerned formed of single crystal whose main component is Al. CONSTITUTION: A silicon oxide layers 305 and 307 are provided onto the surface of an N layer 303. An opening is provided so as to make a part of the N layer 303 exposed, a single crystal Al formed on the exposed part of the N layer 303 to constitute a Schottky junction between the N layer 303 and the single crystal Al. A P + layer 306 is provided under the junction of the anode electrode formed of single crystal Al with a silicon oxide layer 305 which serves as an insulating film striding the junction concerned. In this case, as the anode electrode is formed of single crystal Al coming into contact with the N layer 303 including the junction of the N layer 303 with the P + layer 306, am excellent Schottky junction enhanced in interface characteristics can be formed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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