Information integrating device


PURPOSE: To calculate the appropriate information of the 1st sensor even when the 1st sensor is failed and to continue effective control in an electronic control system for controlling various mechanisms. CONSTITUTION: An inference means 3 to be a calculating means estimates 1st sensor information by using direct information inputted from a right G sensor 2a, a left G sensor 2b and a vehicle speed sensor 8 which are the 2nd sensors except a steering angle sensor 12 to be the 1st sensor and inputs the estimated result to a processing means 5. The means 5 determines which is appropriate information, the estimated result or the direct information of the 1st sensor 12, based upon the direct information of the 1st sensor 12, the direct information of the 2nd sensors 2a, 2b, 8 and the estimated result which are inputted to the means 5 and outputs a determined result. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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