Steering reaction control device


PURPOSE: To carry out a correcting steering to eliminate an excessive steering rapidly by providing a steering reaction increase suppressing means to suppress an increase of steering reaction when a correcting steering to correct a steering wheel to an adequate position is being carried out. CONSTITUTION: When the steering angle of a steering wheel exceeds an anticipated value at the time when the actual sideslip angle of a wheel exceeds an allowable sideslip angle determined according to the friction coefficient of the road surface, a control valve 52 is made in the operating position and the steering assist amount of a power steering device 20 is reduced so as to increase the steering reaction, in a steering time and a steering holding time to separate the steering wheel from an adequate position. On the other hand, in a correcting steering time to correct the steering angle to the adequate position, the control valve 52 is made in an inoperative position (as shown in the figure), and a decrease of the steering asist amount, that is, an increase of the steering reaction, is prohibited. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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