Resin-sealed semiconductor device


PURPOSE: To reduce a warp and to enhance the flatness of a lead in a resin- sealed semiconductor device wherein a low-pressure transfer molding operation is executed to a carrier tape to which a semiconductor element has been bonded. CONSTITUTION: When the total thickness of a semiconductor device is designated as T and film thickness of surface and rear-surface sealing resins for a semiconductor element 3 are designated respectively as A, B, the ratio (|A-B|/T×100) of the absolute value (|A-B|) of the difference between A and B to T is suppressed to be 10% or less. The thickness A, B of the surface and area-surface sealing resins for the semiconductor element become nearly equal, the warp of the semiconductor device can be reduced, the flatness of lead is enhanced and the reliability of the semiconductor device is increased. Since the semiconductor device is situated nearly in the central part of the semiconductor device, a stress such as a bending stress or the like exerted on the semiconductor element can be reduced to a minimum. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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